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  • 2017年啤酒节篷房

    2017 Beer Festival Tent2017-06-16

    The world\'s most prestigious three Oktoberfest is the British London Oktoberfest, the United States Denver Oktoberfest and the German Munich Oktoberfest, they are known in foreign countries, Europe and the United States beer experts as is - every beer lovers should at least Go for a carnival.

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  • 杆帐篷 框架帐篷 帆布帐篷

    The classification of meeting tents2017-06-16

    The party wedding is a festive day, but it is also a major cause, which is intended for modern couples to show their individualism when celebrating their major milestones in their lives. As a result, the demand for diversification and the creation of unique items has increased for the people of the wedding business.

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  • 工业仓储篷房说明 篷房厂家 综合性篷房

    Description of industrial storage tents2017-06-14

    Industrial warehouse tents can be used as temporary or long-term warehouses, but also for special project construction, which can meet the different needs of various types of customers.

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  • 车展篷房种类 展销活动篷 欧式帐篷厂家 帐篷租赁

    Car range of tents2017-06-14

    In a long time ago, the auto show has been inseparable from the same building - car show tents. Now, regardless of the size of the auto show, can see the car show tents figure

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  • 欧式帐篷运用范围 充气帐篷 气泡帐篷 露营帐篷

    European tent use range2017-06-14

    European tent: a new type of outdoor temporary building, the use of temporary building units; by the basic movable frame and PVC tarpaulin composition.

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  • 双层篷房特点说明 艺术节篷房 美食节篷房 临时仓库篷房

    Double tents feature description2017-06-14

    The double tents are the latest tents in the design and development of the canopy in 2012, leading the new situation of China\'s canopy industry, the product concept originated in Germany. The double-decker canopy is divided into two-story canopy and double-layer canopy.

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  • 朝力啤酒节篷房搭建方案书

    Zhaoli Oktoberfest Canopy2017-06-14

    Project Overview 1, the origin of the Oktoberfest Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest) from Germany, so far has been 100 years of history, its origin is generally two kinds of argument.

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  • 1充气帐篷 展览帐篷 军用帐篷 庆典礼仪篷房 婚庆聚会篷房 体育赛事篷房

    Tent tent tents professional noun english translation2017-06-10

    pavilion 大帐篷(尖顶) relief/refugee tent 救灾篷 unlined tent 单人帐 military/army tent 军用帐篷 double resident tent 双人帐 emergency tent 应急帐篷 tent for cold area 寒区帐篷 canvas tent 帆布帐篷

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  • 篷房厂家 帐篷工厂

    What is a tent what a tent is2017-06-10

    1. Meaning different: Tent: mobile environment, Guangzhou, the canopy: industrial warehousing, logistics distribution, a variety of outdoor exhibitions

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