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  • Beautiful wedding tents2017-06-27

    Main frame parts: Highly pressed aluminum alloy, 108x150mm, anti rust and heavy duty Connecting Part: Well hot-dip galvanized steel parts. Fabric quality standard: 100% waterproof, UV resistant, flame retardant. Lifespan: 15 years for main frame parts, 5-8 years for cover fabric.

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  • 美食节篷房 临时仓库篷房

    Method and procedure for purchasing tarpaulins2017-06-16

    The production process of the tarpaulin is very strict, as long as the strict requirements to produce the most standard tarpaulin, to force and share the tarpaulin in the production process which requirements.

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  • 博览会篷房 机械展览篷房 服装展览篷房

    Tent covers2017-06-16

    Tent is a new type of outdoor activities with temporary buildings, is an application of the canopy, storage and transportation of light, known as the \"mobile real estate.\" It is widely used in temporary warehouses, factories, temporary construction, exhibition tents,

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  • You have not heard the story of the tent2017-06-16

    \"Made in Germany\" three stories The following three little stories may help us understand what is \"Made in Germany\": One, the story of the tent

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  • 2017 Guangzhou Food Festival Planning Tent2017-06-16

    First, the organizers: director of marketing Second, responsible departments: marketing department, catering department Third, the date: 20XX July 20 to August 5

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  • 2017全国音乐节信息篷房租赁

    2017 National Music Festival Information Tent Rental2017-06-16

    2017, music Sheng Sheng incoming. Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival, Beijing Midi Music Festival, Changjiang International Music Festival, Spring Festival Music Festival. The The Hey up.

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  • 2016音乐盛世及2017疯狂音乐节篷房

    2016 Music Spirit and 2017 Crazy Music Festival Tent2017-06-16

    2017, music Sheng Sheng incoming. Shanghai Strawberry Music Festival, Beijing Midi Music Festival, Changjiang International Music Festival, Spring Festival Music Festival. The The Hey up.

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  • 折叠帐篷 展销活动篷 展览帐篷 展会帐篷

    Folding tents - perfect partner2017-06-16

    The folded tent has the following dimensions: Folding tent 3x3 meters Folding tent 4.5x3 meters Folding tent 6x3 meters Folding tent 4x4 meters Folding tent 6x4 meters Folding tent 8x4 m Folding tent 5x5 meters Folding tent 4x2 meters Folding tent 3x2 meters Folding tent 3x1.5 meters Folding tent 2x2 meters

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  • 外国party上如何修饰篷房内部 欧式帐篷 仓储帐篷

    How to modify the inside of a tent on a foreign party2017-06-16

    How you decorate your party has a great influence on your impression and the guest\'s experience. The coolest thing is that you have a lot of party plans. The most common presence: Use of food

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  • 球型篷房的来历  农博会篷房 家具展览篷房

    The origin of the ball canopy2017-06-16

    Round life or ecological dome is the most perfect structure of nature and has been in different climatic conditions around the world. Dome is the most effective housing known to mankind, providing a unique alternative housing environment.

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  • 音乐节帐篷方案策划

    Music Festival Tent Plan2017-06-15

    First, the activities outlined \"Summer XXX, passionate music festival\" XXXXX invite you to join together to create \"China XXXXXX Tent Music Festival\"!

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  • 工地帐篷18岁打工仔月入上万

    Site tent 18-year-old workers into the thousands of entr...2017-06-15

    18-year-old Lee, who lives in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, is now the natural gas company dry installers, his work is the most dangerous installation of the workers, from the external wall to install natural gas pipeline, this work requires people from the roof along

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  • 十大篷房厂家 大帐篷 尖顶帐篷 德国大篷

    Ten tents manufacturers2017-06-14

    1, Guangzhou Zhaoli Tent Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Zhili Tent Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, specializing in the design, manufacture of tents and tents series of products and to provide installation and after-sales service: Product Usage:

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  • 仓库篷房与自建仓库成本费用对比优劣 球形帐篷制造厂家 帐篷 户外婚礼帐篷

    Warehouse Tent and Self - built Warehouse Cost Cost Comp...2017-06-14

    Industrial warehouse tents are widely used in industrial and logistics warehousing and plant areas, its economic, modular design features to meet the business to continuously improve the production and storage needs

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  • 工业仓储帐篷 汽车展帐篷 展销活动篷 展览帐篷

    Industrial Storage Tent Provisions and Planning2017-06-13

    \"Tent\" since the 90s of last century since the introduction of China, to a certain degree of development, has been accepted by most enterprises in large industrial warehouses, exhibitions,

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